Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo


Mount Semeru Bromo Mount Semeru Bromo, Mount Semeru is a volcano located in East Java, Indonesia. It is the highest mountain on the island of Java. Mount Semeru is also known as Mahameru, meaning ‘The Great Mountain. The name derived from Hindu-Buddhist mythical mountain of Meru or Sumeru, the abode …

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Mount Tambora


Mount Tambora Sumbawa Island. Mount Tambora which is administratively located in the Regency Bima, Sumbawa West Nusa Tenggara province with an altitude of only 2851 mdpl (meters above sea level) is one of the objectives of mountain climbers, local climbers either Indonesia or abroad. Mount Tambora charm lies in the …

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Mount Rinjani


Mount Rinjani – Lombok island. Mount Rinjani located in Lombok island, West Nusa Tenggara. Mount Rinjani very popular with trekking activities. Much of the island is still covered by natural rain forest and jungles, making Lombok island ideal for eco tourism and adventure tours. Mount Rinjani Lombok island famous volcano …

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